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Blondie Brothers recorded two new songs for the album "Good Luck!". Alex and Kill recorded the song "Two Years" which Alex sings the two verses and Kill the chorus. Alex and Philip recorded the song "She's Nearby, I'm Standby" which Alex sings the 1st verse and a little of the 2nd verse and Philip sings a little of the 2nd verse and the chorus with Alex. Also Alex made an intro only with music called "Welcome Again"

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"Two Years"

"She's Nearby, I'm Standby"

"Welcome Again"


The new album of Alex's another group, ANASKAFES, will circulate after summer by A.I.R. Records. The band now is recording the album.

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Alex broke his hand when he felt from the bike but now it's OK.

Blondie Brothers in the summer will record their third album. The band have already made all the songs and there are two songs ("Little Girl" and "I Love That Moment") written by Neph Janis which Neph sings. Also in the song "Two Years" Kill sings the chorus and in the song "She's Nearby, I'm Standby" Philip sings a little of the 2nd verse and the chorus with Alex.

A.N.A.P. Records change name. Alex diverted the name to A.I.R. which means "Anarchy In Rock". In this studio recording now one Alex's other group, called "ANASKAFES", their first cd. It is a greek hip-hop and rock group with Alex and his friend Nick.

New song from Alex Pager. It is called "So Bad". It talks about a headache. Alex wrote this song when he was ill.

Blondie Brothers made the new cd called "PUNK". Sorry but you can't listen the cd. Blondie Brothers gave 10 copies of the cd to friends so sorry, but you can't listen.

Welcome to our site again! All the summer we went to holidays and we didn't had time to our site. Now we are here again.

Have fun,


Sporty published Alex's letter and now Blondie Brothers are famous in all Greece.

Alex wrote a new song and called "The Story Of My Life". He is made and one other song and called "Beautifull Girl".

 The new book with photos and simbols of Blondie Brothers will circulate at the same day with the consert "PAGE live". The book called "BBB" which means "Blondie Brothers Book".

Alex and Kill will give a consert on 10th of July because on 12th of July they'll go to camping for 21 days! The consert called "PAGE live". Alex will play the guitar and with Kill they'll sing.   

Alex sent an e-mail to the famous Greek magazine "Sporty", and in the next month, "Sporty" publish the Alex's e-mail. The e-mail tells about "Blondie Brothers". In the next month "Blondie Brothers" will be famous.

Alex Pager made 8 new songs. There is a video which Alex and Kill are singing the songs "The Void" and "Those Years".

Philip will go to Ioannina. His family built a house in Ioannina and in August he'll be there. Alex, Kill and Nepheli are very happy because every day they'll be together.


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